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CCIE Lab equipment

January 19, 2012 Leave a comment

So I am one of the fortunate souls that has enough spare equipment at work to build my own CCIE lab rack to study on.  Just thought I’d show a picture and list the contents.  I based my topology off of INE’s lab topology as I plan to use their workbooks to study.  I have also booked the 5 day R/S bootcamp that Narbik teaches so I will probably re-cable what is in the picture to  match his topology for the time being since I will be attending that class in Feb.


In the picture we have:

3 – Cisco 2611XM routers used as my back bone routers

6 – Cisco 2811 routers

3 – Cisco 3560-24 switches

1 – Cisco 3560-48 switch

1 – Cisco 2950 for management access to the routers/switches.  I may get a couple of octal cables for the async card in one of the 2611’s for out of band management instead though.

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Aaand, we’re off!

January 19, 2012 Leave a comment

So what is a network engineer to do when he needs to really start studying for the CCIE lab?  Well obviously, start a blog to rant and rave about all the trials and tribulations I will undoubtedly go through on my way.  I passed the CCIE written way back in Sept. 2011 so its high time I get going and study for the lab.  Especially since I just drew a line in the sand and scheduled the lab for June 8th of this year!  I’m already nervous thinking about it but I’m sure I can do it.

I plan to use this blog to write down my notes and work through various network scenarios as actually writing this stuff down and verifying I am correct since this is a public blog should help be commit everything to memory.  Hopefully, I may even get some like minded visitors who I can bounce questions off of or maybe I can actually help in someone elses studies.  Get ready for lots of technical gibberish, fancy diagrams and probably some totally unrelated posts as well.  It’ll be fun!

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